What You Should Know About Laser Cutting in Toronto

In the contemporary metal industry, laser cutting is a top choice. Why? Because laser-cutting machines make extremely accurate cuts and speed up how fast things get done. Laser cutting is one of the most efficient ways to make metal stuff nowadays, and it’s becoming a top choice for processing metals for many industries.

This blog will go over what you need to know about laser cutting in Toronto, including what laser cutting looks like, what the types of lasers involved might be, and why laser cutting boasts several benefits. If you require laser cutting services in Toronto, ask CLL Metal Products for further information.

What the Laser Cutting Process Involves

Laser cutting, as the name says, uses a strong beam of light to melt, burn, or zap materials. Teaming up with CNC tech, laser machines get great at making detailed cuts, opening tons of ways to tweak materials.

Here’s how it works: that focused beam travels through the material, making it all accurate and smooth. It starts by poking a hole in the material’s edge and then continues down the material, melting what it touches.

In addition, lasers are super versatile. They can handle everything from fabrics and wood to metals and fancy gemstones. Talking about metals, these modern machines can cut through different thicknesses of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

What Are the Types of Lasers?

When we talk about laser cutting systems, they generally fall into three main categories: gas laser cutting, crystal laser cutting, and fibre laser cutting.

Gas Lasers

Among the earliest techniques, this method employs a carbon dioxide (CO2) mixed laser. It’s great for cutting non-metals and engraving metals.

Crystal Lasers

Using crystal mediums, this approach achieves high-powered metal cutting capabilities, handling both metal and non-metal materials. However, these lasers tend to be pricier and have a shorter lifespan.

Fibre Lasers

The latest cutting method, fibre laser cutting generates potent, well-focused laser beams via fibre optics. It excels in cutting heavier metal materials, effectively reducing production costs.

Why Choose Laser Cutting?

In contrast to various fabrication methods, laser cutting boasts several benefits, notably enhanced precision, accuracy, and the ability to customize.

A standout advantage of laser cutting is its non-contact nature; the cutting beam doesn’t physically touch the material. As a result, this approach minimizes harm to the material’s surface and paves the way for top-notch cuts. These cuts usually eliminate the need for labour-intensive secondary processes like cleaning, treating, or finishing, ultimately translating into time and cost savings.

Contact CLL Metal Products for Laser Cutting in Toronto

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